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Pet Portraits

We have many requests to photograph a wide range of pets, either as part of the whole family, just the kids and the dog or even the cat on its own.

These sessions are great fun and some fantastic images are captured.

Each Spring we hold ‘Pet Week’ (See more details below) which is a whole week dedicated to you and your pets.

The rest of the year we can arrange pet portrait sessions at either 3.15 or 4.30 on a Saturday or 5.45 or 7 pm on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening.

This ensures we can clean the studio after the session, so we are nice and fur-free for people who are not so into Dogs & Cats

Send us an email or give us a call to see what our availability is.

Pet Week April 14th-15th-16th-17th & 18th

For the past sixteen years, we have dedicated a week to your pets, followed by a mass-spring clean,
enabling the studio to go back to our usual ‘fur-free’ Family and Children’s Portraiture.

2020 Pet Week dates are yet to be confirmed. To pop yourself on the “I’m interested to list” for 2020,
Simply email the studio will make contact with you closer to the time.

Like previous years, if you book during Pet Week you can take advantage of our £15, half price sitting fee.
Plus with our ongoing policy of ‘no minimum order’, you only buy the photographs you fall in love with.

During Pet Week, you can even be entered into our competition and their place in the window!
Previous year’s categories were: Most Photogenic, Best Buddies, Craziest Clan, The Cutest, Most Balletic and The Best Duo