Casting Photographers Hertford
Casting Photographers Hertford
Casting Photographers Hertford

Casting Shots

We have an arrangement with the NK Casting Agency to capture the images for all the children registered with them. But this service can be offered to individuals registered with other agents as well.

​Most agencies require two images:
One – for entry into Spotlight – this needs to be a classic head and shoulders and the other a full length, which should show off to the agent their character.

​We also offer parents the opportunity to take advantage of being in our studio and have a mini portrait session, so enabling them to have images of siblings together. This does not cost any more and parents simply purchase the images you fall in love with.

​All the images are loaded to a private, password protected gallery on our website. The two agency images are included in the price and additional images are offered at a discounted rate.

​Once the selection is made the agent’s images are sent direct in a digital format. With any additional traditionally printed photographs being about two weeks.

​All of the above is done at a cost of £60 per child
A 10% session discount is offered for siblings.
Payment is made on the day of the photographic session.

​We allow 30 minutes for the session, but quite often they are done and dusted in 20 minutes.